Americans Care Now Offer the Discount Drug Network Prescription Card

Here at Americans Care we are thrilled to be able to announce that we now offer the Discount Drug Network Prescription Card. This card saved Americans over $5,000,000* last year on their FDA approved prescriptions The Discount Drug Network, comprises more than 66,000 chain and independent pharmacies, and provides cost savings on all FDA approved […]

Biden’s Economy: High inflation, high gas prices, empty shelves

Biden’s rejection of the free markets and capitalism is the reason he is failing. The only question is whether Americans will be waiting in bread lines before they demand that this administration stop their war on reliable energy and allow truckers to do their jobs. #EmptyShelvesBiden Long Island NY — Blue Collar Bully (@TheWealthKing) […]

GOP Announce Fundraising Haul

.@NRCC digital program delivering record fundraising numbers 🚀🚀🚀 📈 Gross revenue increased by 115% 📈 Net revenue up 121%💰 62% increase in contributions from existing donors 💥183% increase in total donations — Michael McAdams (@M_McAdams) January 13, 2022 Democratic Party entities, including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, for years enjoyed an advantage in digital […]

Should we be boycotting Communist China?

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a guest each week on the Chosen Generation Radio Program with host Pastor Greg Young. This week they talked about a grassroots campaign to urge the U.S. Olympic athletes to boycott the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Pastor Greg Young:We’ve talked a lot on this air about […]

Freight trains in Los Angeles looted daily by thieves

Dozens of freight cars are broken into every day on Los Angeles’ railways by thieves who take advantage of the trains’ stops to loot packages bought online, leaving thousands of gutted boxes and products that will never reach their destinations. Many major U.S. mail order and courier companies such as Amazon, Target, UPS and FedEx […]

It’s time to shut down the CDC

Whatever happened to follow The Science? Remember when we were told the vaccine would mean you couldn’t catch or spread the disease? And then how they told us it just stops you catching it? And then that the vaccine means you suffer less from the disease? And now they are doubling down on an ineffective […]

Left Doesn’t Just Want to Censor You on Social Media. It Also Wants to Close Your Bank Accounts

When White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that people who spread “misinformation” “shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others,” she revealed the left’s chilling plan for censoring content that goes against the left’s narrative.  It is becoming increasingly clear that political leaders on the left and Big Tech are joining arms to not just […]