Orwell or Ardern? You decide

Nothing makes us trust a government less than statements like this from the government. Although it was last year, it is indicative of the draconian measures New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has exerted over the New Zealand population. As of today, strict rules are in place to enter or leave New Zealand.  Remember when, Ardern gleefully admitted […]

Another UN Abject Failure. Remind me why we’re members…

MONUSCO needs M23 protection in Goma pic.twitter.com/poChDcD2lh — Nicole Keza (@RwandaGihanga) July 25, 2022 In 1999, when the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (MONUSCO) was founded, it was tasked with neutralizing armed groups, reducing the threat posed to state authority, and civilian security space for stabilization activities. Since […]

The Teflon Biden Family

When Clarence Thomas’ wife texted Mark Meadows that ‘the Biden crime family’ and ‘ballot fraud co-conspirators’ would be ‘living in barges off GITMO to face military tribunals for sedition she wasn’t wrong. The whole family lives a charmed, protected life devoid of all consequences. From the UK Daily Mail Joe Biden’s brother James is dragged into […]

“How low can Joe go?” Biden polling at record level

The Civiqs poll daily tracking service has President Joe Biden’s overall approval rating at 29 percent of registered voters.  In contrast, 58 percent disapprove of how he is handling his job.  Joe Biden has done the seeming impossible, he has twice as many people believing that he stinks at his job than that he is […]

We liked James Woods’ Tweet so much we asked Branco to turn it into a Toon!

When whiney liberals melt down over a decision by a Justice of the Supreme Court, you can only assume that the Justice was bang on the money. Can nothing stop the looney left from making it all about themselves? “Look at me, look at me” they all cry, competing for airtime on MSNBC and space […]

Jan. 6 hearings pushed back for as Schiff and committee “consider new evidence”

“The Select Committee continues to receive additional evidence relevant to our investigation into the violence of January 6th and its causes. Following tomorrow’s hearing, we will be holding additional hearings in the coming weeks. We will announce dates and times for those hearings soon,” the spokesperson said.  Initially, the committee was expected to hold its […]

High inflation forces some seniors to make tough financial choices

With consumer prices and inflation at 40-year highs and the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) lagging, retirees are seeing their benefits stretched to the limit. The cost of borrowing will be getting more expensive for about 43 percent of older households who carry debt on consumer credit cards, according to a new survey by The Senior Citizens […]

AARP purports to represent seniors 50+, but whom do they really represent?

By Rick Manning           It might surprise people to learn that AARP members sign up to be marketed to by one of the largest insurance companies in America – United Healthcare.  And that AARP earned more than $1 billion dollars from royalties from this health insurer and other partners according to their 2020 tax reporting documents.  Of these royalties, […]

Will Hospitals Refuse Medicare in 2026? They Might.

The Medicare trustees issued their annual report last week, which outlines the troubled state of the $839 billion Medicare program.  Heads up. The Medicare trustees issued their annual report last week, buried under other “important” news from the Department of Health and Human Services—including the announcement of a new Office of Environmental Justice. Apparently, the administration is more interested […]