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Persistent data nerd finds solar panels made in China produce 3x more carbon emissions than claimed!

A Lone And Obstinate Italian Data Crusader The China-sized black hole at the heart of [...]

FOX leaks smear vids – Makes Tucker stronger. Makes BOLD New Move.

Fox News is bleeding viewers at 8 p.m. after ousting Tucker Carlson who had averaged more than three [...]

Arkansas dead-beat dad court finding out more about scumbag Hunter than all the alphabet agencies!

Hunter Biden fathered a little girl with Lunden Roberts in 2018 after meeting her at [...]

‘Shawshank Redemption’ Star Unloads on Media for This

Actor Tim Robbins had some harsh words for the media and his own political party [...]

“Just how filthy and dishonest are our news media?”

In the past week, Fox News has lost Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, and a $787 [...]

Branco and The Conspiracy Theories that Came True

Looking back at the “conspiracy theories” that were just spoiler alerts we can see just [...]

High School Freshman DESTROYS School Board Then Does Something Unexpected

Watch to the end. This kid is smart and articulate. He destroys the school’s policies [...]

ChatGPT – Another Liberal Tool. Here’s the proof

Here we go. The eternal trend of all Big Tech. It starts off as something [...]

Stossel: After Years of training us to ♻️ – it’s all a farce!

For decades we’ve been told recycling helps the Earth. It really doesn’t. [...]

James Woods Speaks Out: I’ve Been A Target Of The Dems For 6 Years

James Woods has threatened to sue Democrats for censoring him. He claimed that the censorship [...]