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Billions of dollars in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan – What about US?

Reuters is reporting: Billions of dollars in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan should [...]

Anti-Trump Judge overseeing Kangaroo Court makes it personal.

The NYC kangaroo court criminal case against former President Donald Trump involving accusations regarding hush [...]

Harvard students taught anti-Israel slogan in Arabic

Both Gaza and the West Bank are governed by Islamist Sharia law, where homosexuality is [...]

Ronna is canceled before she starts at this far-left news channel!

It was all a uniparty scam. The Romney-related former Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna [...]

Lara Trump’s Leadership has instant instant effect on GOP’s digital fundraising

Lara Trump, the newly appointed co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), declared on Wednesday [...]

Google launches leftist AI image generator – world laughs, then realizes grim truth

Gemini, Google’s most recent venture into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, has adopted [...]

Truckers for Trump pose problems for looters

Truckers vow to stop deliveries to New York City in protest of NY Judge Arthur [...]

Bidenomics CAUSED Shrinkflation, Joe!

Shrinkflation: Reduction of quantity/quality of a good without corresponding price reduction In economics, shrinkflation, also [...]

Is Bidenomics working for the Black population?

In the United States, the employment market in 2024 is showing a complex and mixed [...]

“Come and Take it” – Texas stands up to Administration

Fears of a standoff between federal and state units remain after a Supreme Court decision said [...]