Anti-Trump Judge overseeing Kangaroo Court makes it personal.

AF Branco – “Weaponized”

The NYC kangaroo court criminal case against former President Donald Trump involving accusations regarding hush money payments to Stormy Daniels should never have been convened under this judge. “Judge Merchan was required to recuse AS A MATTER OF LAW as his daughter has a pecuniary interest in the outcome of this case and may already have profited from it. That’s ONE degree of consanguinity, not six.“, says Harmeet Dhillon on X.

Two major Democratic clients of the daughter of the judge overseeing Donald Trump’s hush-money trial have raised at least $93 million in campaign donations — and used this case in their solicitation emails — raising renewed concerns the jurist has a major conflict of interest.

The judge’s daughter, Loren Merchan, is president of Authentic Campaigns, a Chicago-based progressive political consulting firm whose top clients include California Rep. Adam Schiff, who was the lead prosecutor in Trump’s first impeachment trial, and Kamala Harris, and the Senate Majority PAC, a major party fundraiser. MSN

The family is Democrat royalty blue and viciously anti-Trump. Merchan’s daughter has fantasized about Trump in prison on social media. Merchan’s wife works with Letitia James, the Trump-obsessed Attorney General of New York.

Judge Juan M. Merchan has now amended a ban on Trump making public statements about witnesses, jurors, and others connected with the case after Trump exposed the family connection in several posts on his Truth Social platform. This does not extend to Trump’s followers as they still have First Amendment rights. Meanwhile, the jury selection process is already proving problematic.

Many jurors have already been excluded because of anti-Trump sentiments. Who knows whether the remaining jurors are biding their time to stick it to Trump, or would be peer-pressured into deciding against president Trump? Worries are circulating that any juror who votes in favor of the former president will be ostracized, or worse, by anti-Trump zealots after the trial. Loose standards are already in place.


Out of spite, the judge has told President Trump that if he misses even one day of court he will send him to jail. Which means that unless the event is at the weekend or on a Wednesday when the judge does not hold court, Trump will not get to see his son, Barron, graduate high school.