Biden went to Baltimore and made a promise he can’t keep

Our narcissist in chief finally got to go the 40 mins up the road to visit the bridge disaster site in Baltimore where he shuffled on to the podium, opened with an ill-timed joke or two, mentioned the immigrant workers who tragically perished, made some false promises and shuffled off, looking confused. 

He reminded everyone his family was from Charm City and announced that, “We’re going to move heaven and earth to rebuild this bridge as rapidly as humanly possible.” “We’re going to do so with union labor and American steel.”

There’s just one problem with that.

The House Freedom Caucus — the conservative wing of the House of Representatives — has released a series of conditions for federal funding for the bridge.

The conditions include waiving environmental and union wage regulations “to avoid all unnecessary delays and costs.” The group also said that the government should first seek compensation from foreign shipping companies responsible for the damage.

The HFC has joined with House Speaker Mike Johnson to try to get the Administration to lift its moratorium on building new terminals to export liquefied national gas (LNG), purportedly to study their impact on – you guessed it – climate. 

“The Biden administration’s pause on approvals of liquified natural gas export terminals – which, like the Baltimore harbor closure, has severe implications for foreign trade – must be lifted before Congress considers appropriating any funding for the bridge reconstruction,” the HFC said.