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The “Fourth” Reich? – America’s flashback moment

This is a Jewish student in good standing with the college being blocked by pro-Hamas [...]

Billions of dollars in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan – What about US?

Reuters is reporting: Billions of dollars in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan should [...]

Ahh, California, the land of fruits and nuts — and cannibalism

In a tragic turn of events following a train accident in Wasco, California, a chilling [...]

Like it or not we’re in the Ukraine war thanks to these CIA bases

The CIA has established 12 secret spy bases in Ukraine along the Russian border over [...]

“Come and Take it” – Texas stands up to Administration

Fears of a standoff between federal and state units remain after a Supreme Court decision said [...]

Mexican stand-off between Biden and Abbott heats up – Guards and Governors sending support to Texas

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled federal agents can remove razor wire installed along the border on [...]

What was SecDef thinking?

You heard about this, right? The Secretary of Defense checked in to Walter Reed hospital [...]

Bracing for 2024 means this…

As 2024 and the presidential elections come into view, the nation braces for a Black [...]

Soldier unhappy he has to PAY for gear he was ordered to leave in Afghanistan!

Seriously? I hope this is picked up by someone in Congress.  Nearly seven billion dollars [...]

My, my, would you look at what else Pelosi was hiding on Jan 6th…

Transcript of X below: Think back… While Washington, D.C. was riveted on the events of [...]