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Why is Biden throwing Israel under the bus?

Despite the traditional support from American Jewish voters for his party, and despite the US’s [...]

The “Fourth” Reich? – America’s flashback moment

This is a Jewish student in good standing with the college being blocked by pro-Hamas [...]

Big Pharma announces major side effect – has product pulled by government

PHARMACEUTICAL company AstraZeneca has admitted for the first time that its Covid-19 vaccine can cause [...]

Biden paralyzed over college protests

This was a brutal week which revealed many things we had all suspected to be [...]

Billions of dollars in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan – What about US?

Reuters is reporting: Billions of dollars in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan should [...]

“Dictatorial” “career bureaucrat” somehow seized control of the executive branch which effectively “shut down the country.”

Most Americans will remember Dr. Deborah Birx as the “scarf lady” who served on the White House’s [...]

CDC Quietly Admits to Covid Policy Failures

In so many words—and data—CDC has quietly admitted that all of the indignities of the [...]

Lara Trump’s Leadership has instant instant effect on GOP’s digital fundraising

Lara Trump, the newly appointed co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), declared on Wednesday [...]

Crash & Burn. The unserious President

Fiddling while Rome burns as usual, the President is focused on issues he can appear [...]

Super Tuesday Blowout

Voters in 16 states and one territory headed to the polls in the largest contest [...]