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My, my, would you look at what else Pelosi was hiding on Jan 6th…

Transcript of X below: Think back… While Washington, D.C. was riveted on the events of [...]

2020 US election – Italians watched our “coup d’etat” happen in real time

Damn😳. You’re going to want to watch this video about our 2020 election👍. Each repost [...]

Even Democrats Know ‘Evidence Is Concrete’ in Biden Probe

Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., says Democrats’ evolving defense of President Joe Biden reveals they know [...]

Obama channeling his inner Trump is as funny as it’s pathetic

Remember when President Trump was roasted and accused of sidestepping questions or refusing to condemn [...]

How Biden’s New AI Executive Order Will Harm Consumers (that’s us!)

Remember: Regulation inevitably stifles innovation. Unsurprisingly, the Biden administration is trying to capitalize on the [...]

NIH’s Letter to Wuhan Lab Confirms Rand Paul Was Right and Fauci Was Wrong about Gain-of-Function

In the summer of 2021 , Americans saw something unusual: Dr. Anthony Fauci on tilt. “Senator Paul, you do not know [...]

Halloween: The Biden Administration – The Biggest Scare of All.

As Biden’s overall approval rating dropped to 37 percent recently — a near record-low as [...]

When Trump tried to do this at a third the price he was accused of cronyism

As Biden telegraphs his $79 bid for oil to the entire world, just a reminder [...]

Exactly how stupid are they?

Members of the far Left “Squad” are among the dumbest of Members of Congress.  And [...]

As we enter a war with oil-producing nations let’s look at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

The war in Israel is happening almost exactly 50 years to the day since the [...]