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Chinese-run “Dark Lab” Found in California – Where else are they?

Authorities discovered an illegal Chinese biolab hidden inside a nondescript warehouse in California.  They found: [...]

Age Reversal Breakthrough Could Make You Young Again

Scientists from Harvard Medical School, the University of Maine, and MIT have published a groundbreaking [...]

Twenty Grim Realities Unearthed by Lockdowns

It’s common now to speak of the before times in contrast to the after times. [...]

The Addiction that’s RUINING an Entire Generation and it’s legal! 

Kids these days are addicted to technology which is beyond their parents control. It’s affecting [...]

Were Seniors Disproportionately Destroyed by Vaccine?

Peter A. McCullough, MD, certainly believes so. Dr. @P_McCulloughMD: "Our Seniors Have Been Destroyed by [...]

The impact of physical activity on loneliness and social isolation for older adults

(BPT) – It’s been well-established that physical activity like walking, yoga and going to a [...]

Oh, Canada. This is tragic and wrong

Watch this beautifully made, highly suggestive and emotional commercial pushing death on TV. Normalizing “assisted” [...]

Euthanasia as a cure for overcrowded hospitals and homelessness

Does this happen here? In a film from Ickonic Media, we hear the heartbreaking stories [...]

The 3 Ps method that saves seniors on Medicare thousands every year

(BPT) – Inflation is putting the squeeze on all Americans, but no one is feeling [...]

Emerging drug ‘Tranq’ leading to amputations

Emerging drug ‘Tranq’ leading to amputations via @YouTube — the deep state exposer [...]