Americans Care

Americans Care is a non-profit, social welfare organization that is dedicated to advancing knowledge and awareness within areas of concern that ultimately impact the lives of ordinary hard-working Americans. The focus of the organization is on public education and the advancement of knowledge, which includes humanitarian and healthcare issues impacting vulnerable community members in all states.

We run a number of projects you might be familiar with:

Senior Americans Association works in Congress to champion the cause of seniors, protect the benefits you work and paid for and preserve the America we know and love.

The Sovereignty Project is your champion to get America out of the UN, stop George Soros and defeat socialism and globalism. We fight for YOU and millions of other Americans who aren’t represented by the Fake News, who aren’t inside the Beltway fixers, and who aren’t globalists looking for a free ride on the back of the taxpayers.

American Presidential Task Force is the grassroots army President Trump needs right now. We are a 100% independent, fearless, conservative group. Our battle-hardened, never-compromise conservatives are determined to defend the Trump Agenda of America First. 

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Americans Care, Inc is a nonprofit corporation, which is organized and operated in accordance with the meaning and provisions of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Because Americans Care, Inc., is designated as a 501(c)4 non-profit organization by the IRS, gifts and contributions are not deductible on your Federal income taxes.