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Afghan interpreter escapes Taliban only to die in crime-infested US city

“I don’t want to get killed in front of my wife and kids.” That was [...]

11 Instances of Defensive Gun Use Dramatize Wisdom of Second Amendment

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Beware the Voice Thieves: New and convincing scam aimed at parents and grandparents

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BARR: To Stop Targeted School Shootings Focus On This

It takes just two words to drive liberals to their corner and conservatives to theirs: [...]

Are Electric Cars A Potential Disaster?

Let me paint a hypothetical situation for you — but it’s not all that hypothetical [...]

Freight trains in Los Angeles looted daily by thieves

Dozens of freight cars are broken into every day on Los Angeles’ railways by thieves [...]

How seniors can protect their online independence through cybersecurity literacy

(BPT) – It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the increased use of the [...]

6 simple tips to protect yourself from online crime

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Update: Great Reset headed to YOUR Neighborhood

Recently our friends at Self Reliance Central ran this piece about the people who are [...]

Congressman demands investigation of death in Capitol riots

”In many instances, when a law enforcement officer kills an individual for any reason, that [...]