Harvard students taught anti-Israel slogan in Arabic

Both Gaza and the West Bank are governed by Islamist Sharia law, where homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death and women are effectively slaves to men. These “students” are being radicalized to accept the terrorist organization, Hamas, which has enslaved the Palestinian people more than Israel which continues to feed, provide medical attention, and assist the local population.

By foaming at the mouth over Hamas’ hatred of Jews, these leftwing activist students, long indoctrinated in progressive schools and now politically activated in college, will shortly mirror the people they claim to hate. Chanting, in Arabic, “From the River to the Sea”, a slogan that refers to the obliteration of Jewish people, these students are mirroring the contemptible actions of Adolf Hitler, the arch-villain they acquaint with the Right.

We are living through the looking-glass as Branco so accurately portrays in this cartoon.

AF Branco: Time to Reflect