Americans Care Now Offer the Discount Drug Network Prescription Card

Here at Americans Care we are thrilled to be able to announce that we now offer the Discount Drug Network Prescription Card. This card saved Americans over $5,000,000* last year on their FDA approved prescriptions

The Discount Drug Network, comprises more than 66,000 chain and independent pharmacies, and provides cost savings on all FDA approved brand and generic prescriptions. On average, a DDN Prescription Drug Cardholder saves $25 per transaction. (Savings range from 15% to 85% depending on the type of medication being prescribed and the negotiated rate DDN has been able to effect.)

The Discount Drug Network is not an insurance company. It’s a network of pharmacies that provide discounted rates on prescriptions. It’s all based on the quantities of prescriptions that are filled. With over 10,000,000 DDN Prescription Discount Cards in circulation, this is a significant group.

How the Card Works

When you drop off your prescription, just present the Prescription Discount Card to the pharmacist. The pharmacist will enter the details into their computer. The pharmacist can tell the patient how much money they will be saving by using the Card. (If the prescription is called in by the doctor’s office, the Card can be presented at checkout.) Usually, most pharmacies will keep the Prescription Discount Card’s numbers associated with the patient in their system for the next pharmacy visit so you can keep on saving.

Our President used this card for a medication for her husband and was astonished at how much she saved. We like this product because we use this product. Just use this link to get your very own card and enjoy the benefits it brings.

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