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“Dictatorial” “career bureaucrat” somehow seized control of the executive branch which effectively “shut down the country.”

Most Americans will remember Dr. Deborah Birx as the “scarf lady” who served on the White House’s [...]

CDC Quietly Admits to Covid Policy Failures

In so many words—and data—CDC has quietly admitted that all of the indignities of the [...]

Lara Trump’s Leadership has instant instant effect on GOP’s digital fundraising

Lara Trump, the newly appointed co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), declared on Wednesday [...]

As Trump and Biden become official presidential nominations, here’s how it’s looking

As Trump and Biden are officially presidential nominations, Trump is leading every single battleground state [...]

Over 65? The CDC is recommending this – While deleting all the data…

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that adults aged 65 [...]

Bidenomics CAUSED Shrinkflation, Joe!

Shrinkflation: Reduction of quantity/quality of a good without corresponding price reduction In economics, shrinkflation, also [...]

Did you ever notice how the left blames conservatives for things they are already doing?

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is a joke. Really.  I have to laugh any time I [...]

Supreme Court Takes Up Case That Could Impact Trump’s Legal Battles

The Supreme Court agreed on Wednesday to hear a case that does not involve Donald Trump as a defendant [...]

Find Out Which 2024 Tax Bracket You’re In—and Why Rates Are So High

The IRS released new federal income tax brackets last week. Though marginal tax rates did not change, [...]

My, my, would you look at what else Pelosi was hiding on Jan 6th…

Transcript of X below: Think back… While Washington, D.C. was riveted on the events of [...]