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This is hilarious! “How to speak Bidenese”

We’re used to word salads from the vice president – but our president has taken [...]

A Truther loved the toon so much she wrote a rhyme

We just posted about the State of the Union address and used our wonderful cartoon [...]

Nancy Pelosi: Kiev, Ukraine – Not as scary as the Capitol

Speaker Pelosi has never shied away from a photo op, especially one where she is [...]

Remember when we could laugh at Communism?

Rowan Dean on Sky Australia does. And he uses our own dear comedic genius Ronald [...]

The Left’s chickens are coming home to roost

What happens when you defund or demean the police? Crime rises. What happens if you [...]

Seasons Greeter

If you’re in any doubt that the democrat-controlled states won’t utilize Omicron to assert more [...]

Communism Humor

by Dan Mitchell I’ve been recently receiving lots of good material for our collection of communism humor. I [...]

BRANCO: “Mostly Peaceful Idiots”

Branco nails the Left’s silent support of Antifa, BLM and other domestic terrorist organizations while [...]

Communism Humor

by Dan Mitchell What’s the difference between a socialist and a communist? If we’re using the technical definition [...]