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Illegal immigrants spending their debit card cash on cartels? Terrifying.

If this is true we’re funding a whole heap of trouble for ourselves. These cartels [...]

“Come and Take it” – Texas stands up to Administration

Fears of a standoff between federal and state units remain after a Supreme Court decision said [...]

Mexican stand-off between Biden and Abbott heats up – Guards and Governors sending support to Texas

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled federal agents can remove razor wire installed along the border on [...]

Watch: This man paid $20,000 to a cartel to do this…

He is headed to meet his wife in California. His immigration hearing, when he is [...]

Biden Admin Fudging The Numbers in Fake Boast

The Biden administration is celebrating a dramatic decrease of 70% in the official number of [...]

Van Susteren went to Colombia, Darién Gap bottleneck. Shocking Video Report.

Greta went to Colombia, the staging ground for migration through the Darien Gap and found [...]

What’s going on at the Border?

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 4,366 Chinese nationals have been encountered illegally crossing [...]

Pelosi Offends 62 Million Americans with Elite White Privilege Remark

It’s really not rocket science: Democrats use Hispanics for political leverage. Their leadership refers to [...]

You know, Trump was right about this.

A recent Department of Homeland Security intelligence report received by the Border Patrol instructs agents [...]

The Border Goes North, and Blue City Mayors Melt Down

It’s a lot easier to virtue signal about illegal immigrants when they aren’t in your [...]