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Double the Size of the IRS – Democrats’ Dream, Taxpayers’ Nightmare

As legislative red flags go, they don’t get much bigger than what the Biden Administration [...]

Biden’s Awful Plan for a Hybrid Death Tax/Capital Gains Tax

by Dan Mitchell More than 10 years ago, I narrated this video explaining why there should be no capital [...]

IRS changes mind after good kicking from conservative law makers

IRS changes course after Sen. Lee and Rep. Owens of Utah send letter on religious [...]

These 9 States Are Cutting Income Taxes to Boost Their Recovery

Forget “stimulus” spending, these states are showing us a way local governments can actually boost [...]

Tax Migration – Where’s Your State?

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Here Are the 10 States Where Residents Pay the Highest Lifetime Taxes

The numbers vary wildly from state to state—including a few states that will surprise you. [...]

The United Nations and Global Taxation

by Dan Mitchell Last summer, I provided testimony to the United Nations’ High-Level Panel on Financial Accountability Transparency & [...]

Seniors Get a New Simplified Tax Form for 2019

If you are 65 or older (or turn 65 any time in 2019), you will [...]

The Increasing Weight of Health Care Spending on American Taxpayers

Few factors are more critical to economic growth than health care. And few threaten future [...]