‘Voter Suppression’ Is a Myth, but It’s an Article of Faith to Liberals

I received a strong dose of the misinformation warping the minds of young people this past weekend when I spoke on a panel on the subject of election integrity at the Washington conference of Junior State of America. Conference attendees were high school students from the northeast and southeast parts of the country. I was […]

Not a good example. Chief Justice John Roberts failed us all in Senate

There’s a great piece over on American Thinker. Basically it’s saying that Chief Justice John Roberts made a trifecta of errors, so egregious that the the Senate should have immediately voted to have the case dismissed against President Trump.   The first error was a failure to hold House Democrat managers accountable for their gross breach […]

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Bernie Sanders’ Staffers Don’t Know the Dark Side of Soviet History One of Bernie Sanders’ organizers, Kyle Jurek, wants you to believe that Soviet gulags were not so bad. If Sanders gets elected, Jurek assures us reeducation gulags are coming to America for Trump voters and others opposed to Sanders’ socialist agenda. Jurek is no better than […]

Common Sense Winning on Fake ‘Service’ Animals in Planes

Not many of us want to drive behind “turkeys” on the roads. Even fewer want to sit next to actual turkeys on a flight. Thanks to new action by the Department of Transportation, the public can avoid having planes look like petting zoos. Trained service dogs, such as seeing-eye dogs, are necessary for the day-to-day life of […]

Taxes Will Be a Royal Pain for Meghan and Harry

I’m part of the small minority that thinks the big news from the United Kingdom is that “Brexit” will finally happen, thanks to Boris Johnson’s landslide victory last month. Most everyone else seems more focused on the latest development with the royal family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, better known as Harry and Meghan, have decided […]

How Do We Rescue Young People from Socialism?

I started fretting about the socialist tendencies of young people early last decade. And when Sanders attracted a lot of youth support in 2016, I gave the issue even more attention, and I’ve since continued to investigate why so many young people are sympathetic to such a poisonous ideology with a lengthy track record of failure and deprivation. Some of the recent polling data is very discouraging. And if […]

Understanding different imaging techniques

X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, PET Scan X-Ray: X-rays are quick, painless tests that produce images of the structures inside your body, especially bones. What to expect: You will lie, sit, or stand while the x-ray machine takes images. You may be asked to move into several positions. Duration: 10-15 minutes Imaging Method: ionizing radiation […]

2019 Was a Bad Year for the “Only Cops Should Have Guns” Narrative

On December 29, an armed gunman entered the West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas and shot two members of the congregation. Within six seconds, a third member of the congregation drew a weapon and shot the gunman dead. The events were captured on live-streamed video, with the dramatic events — in the minds of […]

Want your own business saving the world from plastic waste?

Precious Plastic https://preciousplastic.com/index.html is a combination of people, machines, platforms and knowledge to create an alternative global recycling system. Anyone can do it. Anywhere.  It’s a super cool way to help the environment and – if your heart desires it – to become an entrepreneur or community recycler. It’s one of the coolest solutions to plastic waste we’ve come […]