BOMBSHELL From Matt Gaetz STUNS Democrats, Brainfreezes Nadler

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Oversight of the FBI’s Cyber Division, FBI Cyber Division Assistant Director Bryan Vorndran allegedly testified to Congress. After some grueling questioning, Congressman Matt Gaetz got pissed at his non answers and submitted the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop to the official record – stunning Democrats who had no […]

Did the Globalists Just Make A Huge Mistake over Russian gas/oil?

From the always excellent Conservative Treehouse. Something odd happened in the background of the G7 energy ministers’ announcement on Monday.  Here is an encapsulation of what’s weird, and you don’t have to be an expert in geopolitics and international trade to see it: The G7 countries (including the U.S.) announced today they were demanding that Russia accept payment for […]

Branco Cartoon – Spreads On Thick

It’s sure not building back better! Since January 2021 the Biden Administration has amassed a list of failures that completely erased the wealth creation of the Trump years and turned America from “Leader of the Western World” into a bit player pathetically enabling the rise of a Sino-Russian new order. Record inflation caused by massive […]

37 percent of Democrats, 62 percent of Independents say America is on the wrong track, signaling discontent with Biden and Congress ahead of midterms

By Robert Romano 37 percent of Democrats and 62 percent of Independents say America is on the wrong track, according to the latest Reuters-Ipsos poll conducted from March 14 to March 15, signaling strong discontent among Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters headed into the Nov. 2022 Congressional midterms. And that’s bad news for President Joe Biden, who continues […]

Soft on Crime? Here’s Jackson’s Record on Sex Offenders and Other Criminals

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson once expressed concern about a “climate of fear, hatred, and revenge” surrounding sex offenders. Jackson later opposed the confinement conditions of a Taliban leader suspected of running a terrorist cell.  The judge also routinely ruled against the Trump administration on immigration enforcement cases, as detailed here.  Now, as President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Jackson faces questions […]

What’s Driving Up Gas Prices—and Why the White House Won’t Help

When a news anchor confronted Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm about high gasoline prices and asked about the Biden administration’s plan to increase oil production in America, she burst into laughter. “That is hilarious,” she said. When @TomKeene asks @SecGranholm the very pertinent question on whether America (and no OPEC+) needs to increase oil production. The […]