Is this a call from Soros to assassinate Trump?

You can work it out. There’s a bullet hole and $47. Trump would be president 47. The bills are from 1963, the year John F. Kennedy was assassinated. They are Silver Certificates. (George Soros made his big money on a silver trade). The left-wing rag, The Atlantic ran a piece featuring this image and Alex Soros tweeted […]

The morning after Iowa. One out, one clinging on, one to duck debates…

Last night, former President Donald Trump held on to his number one position in the Republican primary field. He won all but one of Iowa’s 99 counties. It was not without controversy. Trump opponents were incensed that The Associated Press and other outlets called the race minutes into the start of the caucuses, even before some of […]

Propping up the Big Guy may not be enough

There are calls from within the Democrat party that suggest Joe Biden can no longer continue to be propped up by his liberal allies in the Deep State, media and Big Tech. His stance on several issues is at odds with the new generation of progressives seeking a central command economy, forgiveness of student debt, […]

Watch: This man paid $20,000 to a cartel to do this…

He is headed to meet his wife in California. His immigration hearing, when he is finally processed by authorities, will be scheduled for sometime around 2029.  SHOCKING: illegal migrant jumps razor wired fence during our @foxandfriends @FoxNews broadcast this morning. — Lawrence Jones III (@LawrenceBJones3) January 8, 2024

What was SecDef thinking?

You heard about this, right? The Secretary of Defense checked in to Walter Reed hospital for an undisclosed complaint, underwent a procedure involving sedation and a spell in the ICU, while his deputy was on vacation overseas and his boss, the Commander in Chief, knew nothing of it? Lloyd J. Austin III is the 28th […]

Can Trump beat the ballot blockers?

BACKGROUND: A February 2021 Senate Impeachment vote of 57-to-43 fell 10 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to convict former President Trump, which meant the Senate could not to move to disqualify him from holding future office. The impeachment proceedings were issued one week before the end of his term in January 2021. TODAY: […]

Congress outperforms market – AGAIN – But look who REALLY cleaned up!

The website Unusual Whales follows the portfolios of their Congress members while they trade. You should click on that link as they do a phenomenal job and produce a chart that looks at how each trading member did at the end of each year. As usual, Congress blew the market out of the water when compared with the […]

Bracing for 2024 means this…

As 2024 and the presidential elections come into view, the nation braces for a Black Swan (unexpected national event) event as the current regime lashes out with everything they’ve got to stop Trump and the America First populist movement. By current regime we mean Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Suzanne Rice and their handlers in the […]