Biden paralyzed over college protests

This was a brutal week which revealed many things we had all suspected to be true. First, colleges are progressive indoctrination camps staffed by hardline professors run by woke bureaucrats.

AF Branco – “Team O’Biden”

Second, students are still idiots and ill-informed. The excitement of a protest appeals, the logic does not. Many kids are about to blow their futures – and either theirs or their parents’ money – on a futile gesture to signal how hip and virtuous they are. Spurred on by embedded professionals they became criminals.

And third, and possibly most terrifying, is that pro-Hamas terrorism is being backed by the Big Lib money that funds the other nonsense that keeps us from addressing real global issues. Trans rights, climate change, corporate greed, etc are all distractions to keep us from examining the perpetual war, rare earth mining, human and drug trafficking, falling food standards, social credits, 15-minute cities, inflation, and the grandiose ambitions of the billionaires running the New World Order. The student protests were well ordered and many had the exact same pup tents arranged and set up in advance of the actual encampment. All that organizing came from somewhere.

And where was the president in all this? Busy with Roe vs Wade restoration and getting money back from delayed flights. Was he scared that if he commented or made a move Hamas would murder the American hostages they still hold? Was he worried he’d lose the student vote this November?