The “Fourth” Reich? – America’s flashback moment

AF Branco: Kristallnacht-ing At The Door.

This is a Jewish student in good standing with the college being blocked by pro-Hamas “protestors” (terrorists). Many of these people are other students being deployed as “useful idiots” by professional agitators.

Whether this is an actual photo or a fake, the pro-Hamas faction has come out to blame it on Jewish people trying to trick the public.

They are open in their hostility to Jews. This is not about Israel, or the Palestinian lands, this is all-out anti-semitism at its most ugly. The USA is not unique. Across the West, the unelected powers behind our governments, are allowing migrants from Africa, China, Latin America and the Middle East to illegally pass into formerly homogenous – or in America’s case, assimilated – populations and destroy them with their demands on our resources and their contempt for our rules. Rules that are originally based on the tenets of Christianity: mutual respect, honesty, decency, observing the rule of law and which morphed into the Magna Carta in the UK and the Constitution in the United States of America.

The interlopers care nothing for our past. They seek our wealth and to subjugate us. We need to make very careful decisions over the next few years. The distraction of global warming and the power grab that accompanies it must be ignored as we address the real problem facing our nation: the take over from within.