“Mr. Trump, we’ve got your back” – “He’s about the money not politics”. Black Votes Matter 2024

Black voters are more disconnected from the Democratic Party than they have been in decades, frustrated with what many see as inaction on their political priorities and unhappy with President Biden, a candidate they helped lift to the White House just three years ago. New polls by The New York Times and Siena College found that […]

This is hilarious! “How to speak Bidenese”

We’re used to word salads from the vice president – but our president has taken it a step further with a whole other language! Oh my God😳! I spit my coffee out watching this😂. Yes mom, Jeomentia has dementia👊. 81 million votes is such a F ing LIE😡 pic.twitter.com/PbR7pzaksG — Bobby D🎙 (@robertdunlap947) November 20, […]

Soldier unhappy he has to PAY for gear he was ordered to leave in Afghanistan!

Seriously? I hope this is picked up by someone in Congress.  Nearly seven billion dollars worth of military equipment was left behind in Afghanistan to be used by the Taliban. That was a Commander-in-Chief decision, not the guys in theater.  Watch as this soldier explains that today is “turn-in day,” the day where he gives […]

My, my, would you look at what else Pelosi was hiding on Jan 6th…

Transcript of X below: Think back… While Washington, D.C. was riveted on the events of Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol, the FBI quietly released a trove of files ordered released by then President Trump from an “Urgent” — yet seemingly controlled — investigation 60 years ago into Nancy Pelosi’s father who was accused of […]

Democrats Have Never Been More Fanatical About Identity Politics Yet They are Bleeding Minority Support in Every Poll

Patronizing armchair pundits have long chastised the GOP for lacking “diversity” and touted the left’s victories with Black and Hispanic voters, but new swing state polling could have Democrats eating those words.  Across the most contentious battleground states in the country, it is former President Donald Trump whose base is expanding with minorities while Biden’s […]

The Medicare Advantage … Advantage 

Medicare Advantage, sometimes referred to as Part C, has once again been the target of attacks by Democrats who are trying to scare seniors away from these increasingly popular plans. They do not like Medicare Advantage because it frustrates their long-term healthcare goal of a centralized system under government control. In the reconciliation spending bill […]

So, Gavin could do this for his CCP pals but not for tax-payers?

For years, Democrats said there was nothing more they could do to clean up cities. They lied. Look how fast they cleaned up San Francisco for a visit by premier Xi Jinping, China’s leader. Thanks, Gavin – you hate America. The city is attempting to conceal its rampant homelessness crisis as it prepares to host […]

Even Democrats Know ‘Evidence Is Concrete’ in Biden Probe

Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., says Democrats’ evolving defense of President Joe Biden reveals they know Republicans have the goods in the impeachment probe. Democrats’ evolving defense of President Joe Biden and his family’s business activities speaks volumes about where the congressional investigation that is now an impeachment inquiry is going, says Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga. “If the […]