Voters Will ‘Send Home’ Lawmakers Who Act to Impeach Trump, House Conservative Says

If Democrats are successful in impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump, voters will send them home, a leading House conservative said Friday at a gathering of “values voters” in Washington.  “Even before this president was sworn in they were talking about impeachment, and they’re bound and determined to do it,” Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said […]

Trump’s New Order Will Give Seniors Better Health Care Choices, Lower Costs

President Donald Trump is making an ambitious move to build on a string of regulatory relief actions that “protect and improve” Medicare, the federal health care program that serves approximately 60 million senior and disabled persons.  The president’s executive order, issued Thursday, is yet another step following a roadmap that’s leading to better choices and […]

Is the CIA pushing to impeach Trump to cover up origins of Russiagate in Ukraine to help Biden?

By Robert Romano In 2017, President Donald Trump’s conversations with foreign heads of state in Mexico and Australia — which are classified information — were leaked to news outlets with the purpose of undermining U.S. policies on immigration, the southern border wall and refugees. Americans for Limited Government’s reaction at the time was to call for then-National […]

President Donald J. Trump is Charting a Future of Nations that Empowers Our Citizens, Respects Our Sovereignty, and Protects Our Freedom

If you want freedom, take pride in your country. If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty. If you want peace, love your Nation. President Donald J. Trump LIFTING UP OUR NATIONS: President Donald J. Trump has shown that the path to prosperity and strength lies in lifting up our people and respecting our […]

For Bureaucrats, It’s ‘Christmas in September’

For the federal government, September is the real holiday: with the federal fiscal year ending, it’s spending mayhem. Adam Andrzejewski of Open the Books joins us to explain just how much spending occurs at the end and what can be done. Read the interview, pasted below, or listen on the podcast: We also cover these […]

Seniors, loneliness and why (and how) we should help

There’s an epidemic of loneliness stretching across the world. It shouldn’t mean toughing it out and going it alone because you’re widowed or solo. Let’s remember we must help those who can’t always help themselves. Even if it’s only a smile, wave or hello that they need. Watch this uplifting story and think how you […]

IRS Creating Way to Track You Through Your Phone

The all seeing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is determined to pry into every corner of taxpayers lives. They have announced a research effort supposedly designed to enhance security of taxpayer “accounts” by tracking personal details of each and every taxpayer who interacts with the IRS website. The IRS announced a sole-source contract to BioCatch for a […]

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