Crazy-eyed Colorado Sec of State melts down following embarrassing 9-0 thrashing!

The rabid Trump-hating Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold reacted badly to the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to put Trump back on the Colorado ballot.

On Monday, the Supreme Court said the states lack the power to enforce Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution against Presidential candidates.

For the reasons given, responsibility for enforcing Section against federal officeholders and candidates rests with Congress and not the States. The judgment of the Colorado Supreme Court therefore cannot stand,” the high court’s ruling said.

Crazy-eyes isn’t happy! Off she went to MSNBC for a good whine!

Meanwhile the attorneys for Donald Trump, the Dhillon Law Group are pumped! Now, can we please get Harmeet installed at the RNC in place of Ronna?