Google launches leftist AI image generator – world laughs, then realizes grim truth

AF Branco: Friend or Foe

Gemini, Google’s most recent venture into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, has adopted weirdly woke positions on an array of subjects, prompting ridicule from the world of social media, and posing bigger questions about the world’s biggest search engine. 

Gemini at it’s woke best

The Gemini AI feature has been criticized for being “woke” due to its apparent tendency to generate images that prioritize diversity and inclusion over historical accuracy. This has been demonstrated in several instances where users have requested images of historical figures or events, and the AI has produced results that deviate from historical reality.

It is likely that the programming of the AI model might be a contributing factor to this issue. Google is led by extreme leftists (see below) and it would appear that the AI has been trained on a dataset that emphasizes diversity and inclusion, which could lead to it prioritizing those aspects in its image generation.

Of course

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