Exposing the Man Who Killed Ashli Babbitt

“This is strange,” D’Souza said, “because think about it, there have been a number of police shootings over the last couple of years. Can you think of a single case where the identity of the officer has been systematically concealed by the media? There’s no such case. So in this one case, they are preventing […]

Fact-Checking 6 Big Claims in Biden’s Biased Speech on Voting

In a major speech Tuesday, President Joe Biden linked voter ID requirements to repressive Jim Crow laws in the South after the Civil War, declaring it’s “not hyperbole” and insisting it’s time to ask: “Are you on the side of truth or lies?” Biden delivered his fiery remarks at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia […]

IRS changes mind after good kicking from conservative law makers

IRS changes course after Sen. Lee and Rep. Owens of Utah send letter on religious liberty After a June letter to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sent by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT),  Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT), and colleagues, the IRS reversed course on a determination removing tax-exempt status of a religious values group. The letter protested the IRS […]

These 9 States Are Cutting Income Taxes to Boost Their Recovery

Forget “stimulus” spending, these states are showing us a way local governments can actually boost their economies. Finally, some good news. In nine states and counting, residents will owe less on their next state income tax bill as local officials seek to stimulate the economic recovery by lowering taxes.  Arizona is the latest state to […]

Remember how Giuliani cleaned up New York? San Fran does the EXACT opposite!

San Francisco Political Leaders Out of Touch as City Descends Into Lawlessness By Jarrett Stepman , The Daily Signal. If you don’t like the explosion of violent crime, you’re a racist. That’s the message sent by a top aide to the San Francisco district attorney to a self-described “Democrat” who had said on Twitter that the jump […]

Dems/Feds Spend Millions Building Massive Database on January 6 Riot

The Department of Justice, (DOJ)has spent $6.1 million – and climbing – on a massive database to keep all the evidence related to the January 6 Capitol protest in one place – but not one for Antifa, naturally. Yet again the vast left wing conspiracy is demonstrating that its real enemy is regular Americans, especially those […]

Biden to move COVID funds to house border illegals while American foster kids struggle.

Great story broken by Bloomberg: The Biden administration will “relocate” $860 million in funds meant for COVID-19 relief programs to the Health and Human Services department in order to cover the cost of housing the thousands of child migrants who remain in United States custody. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra defended the switch […]


If the U.N. is good at anything, it’s meddling in business they should have no say in. In today’s episode, Bob discusses the United Nation’s new ploy: reparations and the systemic solution to systemic racism. Headed up by Chilean socialist leader, Michelle Bachelet, you know this U.N. project will get interesting… fast.