The Left’s chickens are coming home to roost

“Foul Play” – Branco

What happens when you defund or demean the police? Crime rises. What happens if you mishandle a crisis like covid? Confidence in your abilities is lost. What happens if the supply chain is screwed and workers don’t return to the work force? Shortages occur, prices rise and inflation destroys middle-class and fixed-income lifestyles. Enforcing mask mandates for children but not celebrities? Parents get REALLY pissed off. What happens if you mandate experimental vaccines in a nation based on individual liberty and personal choice? You make sections of your population see your totalitarian streak. What happens if you persecute one political leader in the media for Russian collusion but protect another? The people begin to see that the system is rigged.

As Branco sees it – The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost for the Democrats in 2022.