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Communism Humor

by Dan Mitchell What’s the difference between a socialist and a communist? If we’re using the technical definition [...]

We are so very excited to announce our latest collaboration!

You are all aware of the genius of cartoonist and satirist, A.F. Branco. Every day [...]

Communism Humor

by Dan Mitchell I mostly mock socialism, but its authoritarian cousin also is a good target for satire. So [...]

Communism Humor

by Dan Mitchell, reproduced with permission. I’ve already shared some politician humor and some socialism humor in 2021, so it’s [...]

Wall Street Protects its Own – Crashes RobinHood Platform to Protect Billionaires & Crush Regular Investors.

If you ever doubted there was a fix in against regular Joes, catch up to [...]

Mall Santa says NO! to a Nerf Gun…Internet responds

Gun-hating Grinch dressed up as Santa refused to entertain this young man’s request for a [...]

Communism Humor

In recent weeks, I’ve mocked socialism, both as a general concept and as the ideology of Crazy Bernie. [...]

Gun Control Humor

I haven’t added to the collection of gun control humor since way back in August. So let’s rectify [...]