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Thanksgiving Then and Now: 2019 vs 2023

As we head into a big election year voters will be asking themselves, which party [...]

So, Gavin could do this for his CCP pals but not for tax-payers?

For years, Democrats said there was nothing more they could do to clean up cities. [...]

Obama channeling his inner Trump is as funny as it’s pathetic

Remember when President Trump was roasted and accused of sidestepping questions or refusing to condemn [...]

Halloween: The Biden Administration – The Biggest Scare of All.

As Biden’s overall approval rating dropped to 37 percent recently — a near record-low as [...]

Emboldened Iran “lets slip the dogs of war”

Israel has normalised relations with two of its direct neighbours, while several other states and [...]

Biden under fire for weekend activities

President Biden is coming under fire for hosting a barbecue at the White House Sunday afternoon while war [...]

Kevin learns the hard way that promises made should be promises kept

Kevin McCarthy will not run for speaker again after the House ousted him from the top leadership [...]

The Swamp Reveals its Creatures

Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey remained defiant on Monday after being indicted on [...]

Joe getting cut off by his own people says it all

Joe Biden has faced criticism after his press secretary ended his speech mid-sentence during a [...]

Gaetz demands McCarthy steps up – hours later this happens

Rep. Matt Gaetz delivered a message to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from [...]