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Jill sneezes – pass the mail-in ballots

You may have heard that Dr. Jill Biden just tested positive for Covid. Again. She’s [...]

Tapper turns on Biden – Does this mean their No 1 Hope is going to run? (There’s just one problem.)

As the magnitude of the Biden crime family’s grift becomes apparent, and as the senility [...]

He’ll dominate without even being there…

Tucker Carlson taped an interview with former President Donald Trump several days ago and plans [...]

Destruction of Rule of Law in GA DA Fani Willis’ Star Chamber

The attack on the First Amendment and the very structure of the American legal system [...]

Bidenomics: The Big Fail

Remember Reaganomics? The president’s successful blueprint for letting the free market do its thing? A [...]

‘THE BRAND’: Hunter’s Business Partner Contradicts President’s Claim of No Business Involvement

Then-Vice President Joe Biden communicated more than 20 times, either in person or on speakerphone, [...]

The noose is tightening for Hunter Biden

The case against Hunter Biden is growing bigger and more serious everyday. Biden’s Department of [...]

Congressman to FBI Head: “Are you protecting the Bidens?”

Sparks flew Wednesday as Rep. Matt Gaetz asked FBI Director Christopher Wray whether the bureau is running [...]

Biden’s Hypocrisy: Sends Horrific Weapons to Ukraine Contradicting Previous Stance And Releases Top Secret Intel On Air

In a shocking display of hypocrisy, and to a chorus of international dissent, the Biden [...]

How long can the Biden family get away with it?

The 2020 Senate investigation into the business affairs of the Biden family has unveiled that [...]