Exactly how stupid are they?

Members of the far Left “Squad” are among the dumbest of Members of Congress.  And that’s not a small group.  I’ve seen some of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard come out of the mouths of our elected representatives.  But the “Squad” members take the Blue Ribbon in stupid.  Bar none.

Take Jamal Bowman.  He of the mistaken fire alarm pull. (He was a middle school principal for crying out loud.  Who knows more about not pulling fire alarms?)

But he’s decided we should be taking Palestinian refugees (Dearborn anybody?) and let them live here in peace.

What is he smoking?

We do not have the tools or intelligence to decide who is a “peaceful” Palestinian and who is a Hamas member.  It just doesn’t exist.  And yet he wants to ferry them over here to become wards of the state and further stress our education, health and welfare systems.

Great idea!

But then again, they’ll probably just join up with the terrorists already here anyway.

This is from a guy who probably knows more about possible terrorist acts than almost anyone — especially more than some leftist schlub who doesn’t know enough not to pull a fire alarm unless there’s a real fire.

I have no words for the insanity that comes out of the “Squad.”  And yet some people still take them seriously…