Alzheimer’s Association Push FDA to Approve This Treatment

This message was sent to all Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer’s Impact Movement board members, all Alzheimer’s Association staff, and volunteers and supporters of AIM and the Alzheimer’s Association. Last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) heard the heart-wrenching personal stories of individuals whose lives have been devastated by Alzheimer’s disease.  The Alzheimer’s Association worked […]

Wall Street Protects its Own – Crashes RobinHood Platform to Protect Billionaires & Crush Regular Investors.

If you ever doubted there was a fix in against regular Joes, catch up to this. Dave Portnoy, known as El Presidente, the hero who runs Bar Stool Sports who has raised $33 million to help suffering small businesses during the pandemic has an absolute MELTDOWN about the egregious “in plain sight” smashing of the […]

Why Care About Identity Theft? Here’s why!

This video shows what happens when someone learns the hard way why she should care about her identity. Transcript: Lynn didn’t worry about identity theft. She always said, who’d want to steal my identity? Lynn never had a credit card or borrowed money. She figured thieves wouldn’t mess with someone who had no credit history. One […]

What H.R. 1 REALLY means for Elections in the Future.

By Richard McCarty Changing the rules to give themselves an unfair advantage is why Democrats have introduced H.R. 1, a radical bill that would change both our campaign finance laws and our voting processes across the country. Here are just a few of the provisions of this outrageous bill. H.R. 1 would give control of the […]

CDC Shut Down a Lab Involved in Making Faulty Coronavirus Tests

A CDC lab involved in making faulty coronavirus tests sent to state and local officials early in the pandemic was closed down hours after an October investigation by ProPublica exposed key mistakes the CDC made in manufacturing those tests. by James Bandler, Patricia Callahan and Sebastian Rotella Jan. 8, 2021 With no public notice, the Centers for Disease Control and […]

Last Known Surviving Widow of a Civil War Veteran Dies at 101 in Missouri

The last living widow of a Civil War soldier, Helen Viola Jackson, died on December 16, 2020 at the age of 101. In 1936, in the midst of the Great Depression, she married to 93-year-old James Bolin, who had served the 14th Missouri Cavalry.  Jackson was 17. She met him when her father volunteered her to help […]

‘It’s Easy Money’: Nigerian Scammer Laughs about Huge Sums Stolen from COVID Welfare Programs in Bombshell Interview

A new bombshell interview with one of countless international scammers getting rich off our relief efforts makes it painfully clear just how carelessly the government is throwing around our money in the name of COVID-19 relief. State unemployment agencies aren’t especially responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars even in the best of times. Yet when the […]

Mall Santa says NO! to a Nerf Gun…Internet responds

Gun-hating Grinch dressed up as Santa refused to entertain this young man’s request for a Nerf Gun this Christmas. The kid left in tears. The gun-loving world was quick to respond and in their outpouring guaranteed guns for LOTS of kids. Hundreds of regular people and celebrities offered to get the kid a Nerf gun […]

Communism Humor

In recent weeks, I’ve mocked socialism, both as a general concept and as the ideology of Crazy Bernie. Today, let’s focus on communism, which is socialism’s authoritarian cousin. We’ll start with an unusual article from Babylon Bee, a must-read satire site. There’s nothing but a headline and an image. Though this story is only partly satire. Given the staggering death toll of communism (a […]

12 Times Gun Owners Defended Themselves and Others last month

Many lawmakers around the country welcomed in the new year by pursuing legislation that would severely curtail the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. (Yes we’re looking at you Virginia! ~ Kelly) Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens began 2020 just as they ended 2019—by showing repeatedly just how instrumental that right is to the […]