Earning opportunities for low-income seniors

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a part-time employment program for low-income persons age 55 or over. Program participants work at community and government agencies and are paid the federal or state minimum wage, whichever is higher. They may also receive training, and can use their participation as a bridge to other employment positions […]

In Charts, How ‘Medicare for All’ Would Make Most Families Poorer

Under “Medicare for All,” three quarters of Americans would be worse off financially, according to new research from The Heritage Foundation.  Here’s the bottom line: Most Americans, even many of those not making much right now, would pay more in new taxes than they would save from no longer paying for private health care.   […]

How Big Government Hurts Women

Government-mandated employee perks might sound like a good way to help out working women, but, in reality, these programs do more harm than good. European women are already paying the price, and American women might be next. Carrie Lukas, President of Independent Women’s Forum, explains how keeping the government out of the workplace goes a […]

Illegal immigration down 63.5 percent from peak in May after U.S.-Mexico deal, proof that Trump’s tariff threat worked

By Robert Romano Apprehensions on the southern border fell for the fourth consecutive month to 52,546 in September from a peak of 144,116 in May, a 63.5 percent drop, reflecting a major slowdown in migration according to the latest data from Customs and Border Patrol — and it all proves that President Donald’s tariffs are working. The progress […]

The Increasing Weight of Health Care Spending on American Taxpayers

Few factors are more critical to economic growth than health care. And few threaten future economic growth more than health care spending. That conundrum lies behind continued political agitation over health care, both in the U.S. and throughout the highly developed world. Advances in medicine have eradicated diseases, extended life expectancy, reduced infant mortality, and […]

‘Medicare for All’ Proposes Economy-Crushing Taxes on Middle Class

No other country in the world has been able to provide government-managed health care without soaking middle-class and lower-income taxpayers with high income and payroll taxes.  The “Medicare for All” plan revealed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., shows how hard it is to raise tens of trillions of dollars without leaving typical Americans economically worse […]

SSA: Change your Address and Telephone number online

Are you moving, currently receiving benefits or enrolled in Medicare and want to know how to change your address? You can change and update your information anytime, anywhere by logging in to or creating a free my Social Security account. Sign in Create your account How to change your address? If you get Social Security benefits (retirement, survivors, […]

Trump’s New Order Will Give Seniors Better Health Care Choices, Lower Costs

President Donald Trump is making an ambitious move to build on a string of regulatory relief actions that “protect and improve” Medicare, the federal health care program that serves approximately 60 million senior and disabled persons.  The president’s executive order, issued Thursday, is yet another step following a roadmap that’s leading to better choices and […]

Seniors, loneliness and why (and how) we should help

There’s an epidemic of loneliness stretching across the world. It shouldn’t mean toughing it out and going it alone because you’re widowed or solo. Let’s remember we must help those who can’t always help themselves. Even if it’s only a smile, wave or hello that they need. Watch this uplifting story and think how you […]