Almost Half The USA Has Constitutional Carry

In 2021, the philosophy of states’ law on the Second Amendment right to bear arms fall into three broad categories. They are: Constitutional (permitless) Carry (green). In this situation, no permit is required to carry a loaded handgun, either openly or concealed, in most public spaces most of the time. It is a close approximation […]

Communism Humor

by Dan Mitchell I mostly mock socialism, but its authoritarian cousin also is a good target for satire. So here are some additions to our collection of communism humor. I’m among the small minority of people who have never watched Game of Thrones, so I don’t know the backstory on these characters, but this meme has a very appropriate message about the […]

This English-Speaking Country’s Path to Prosperity Began With Rejecting Democratic Socialism

For producing both material goods and personal fulfillment, freedom makes all the difference in the world. One country that proved that convincingly in the last 40 years is New Zealand. It is a model from which nations the world over can learn a great deal. Situated in the South Pacific midway between the equator and […]

Americans Care Now Offer the Discount Drug Network Prescription Card

Here at Americans Care we are thrilled to be able to announce that we now offer the Discount Drug Network Prescription Card. This card saved Americans over $5,000,000* last year on their FDA approved prescriptions The Discount Drug Network, comprises more than 66,000 chain and independent pharmacies, and provides cost savings on all FDA approved […]

Guess what’s the No. 1 concern for Democrats?

A recent poll by Echelon Insights shows that Republicans are most concerned about solving big policy issue, while Democrat are focused almost solely on hating Republicans. Echelon polled 1,005 registered voters and found that Republican voters are concerned about illegal immigration, lack of support for police, high taxes, left-wing media bias, the moral decline of […]

The United Nations and Global Taxation

by Dan Mitchell Last summer, I provided testimony to the United Nations’ High-Level Panel on Financial Accountability Transparency & Integrity. I touched on many issues, but my testimony  focused on some core principles of sensible taxation. Low marginal tax rates on productive behavior. No bias in the tax code against saving and investment. No corrupt preferences that distort economic choices. Was my […]

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Elon Musk & Starlink – bringing internet connectivity to every place on Earth

Deployment of 60 Starlink satellites confirmed — SpaceX (@SpaceX) February 16, 2021 Space X and Elon Musk have been busy launching satellites to complete a long-held dream of communication experts – a ring of communications satellites around the Earth to facilitate better internet connection. Starlink is Musk’s satellite internet constellation being constructed by SpaceX […]

Sign here to deport George Soros.

Dear Friend, George Soros was shaking with elitist rage.      He had just spent tens of millions of dollars to elect Hillary Clinton… …and LOST!      No one tells him “no!”  Now he wants blood!      So, the week after the election, he called every liberal bigwig and schemer in DC to a secret three-day-long meeting at Washington’s Mandarin […]