Bracing for 2024 means this…

As 2024 and the presidential elections come into view, the nation braces for a Black Swan (unexpected national event) event as the current regime lashes out with everything they’ve got to stop Trump and the America First populist movement. By current regime we mean Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Suzanne Rice and their handlers in the World Economic Forum, George Soros-backed think tanks and the global billionaire class personified by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, et al.

A F Branco: Goodbye 2023

Over on CBS News, former FOX News star investigative reporter Catherine Herridge has made a “dark” prediction that 2024 will produce a ‘Black Swan Event’ which shocks the world.
“This is a national security event with high impact that’s very hard to predict”, she predicts. The world senses America is weak and a well-timed blow could be its death knell. The Left will welcome anything that distracts the populace from the domestic issues crippling Biden’s approval.

The global movement of people from second- and third-world countries to “western” nation continues unchecked but nowhere more so than the USA. These are the silent troops of the New World Order, whether knowingly or unknowingly being transferred to upset our traditional ways and bring polarized voters into an already compromised electoral system, to move cheap labor, to add to the public dole, and to destabilize local communities.

Then there is the move to redraw congressional districts, kick Donald Trump off the ballots and to refuse all attempts to remove compromised Dominion computers from the voting process.

If the polls showing Trump leading in every battleground state weren’t real, would the Colorado Supreme Court be removing him from their ballot? We are watching the Democrat machine in full meltdown mode right now. They see a MAGA landslide coming and are desperate to stop it.

Just as it was for the Republican Abraham Lincoln who was removed from the ballot in ten Democrat states, Donald Trump will have to fight to allow his supporters to vote for him.

Who knows who will grace the presidential ballot – for either major party – in 2024? We do know the path to the declaration of the next president will be littered with chicanery, corruption, and criminality from both sides of the aisle. And that every time they try a sneaky move, the American public rallies behind the unlikely figure of an outspoken former president.

So where are we at?