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Hunter Biden’s Lucky Day

Not only did Hunter secure a very favorable plea deal on tax and guns this week when Biden’s DOJ let him walk away with the kind of slap on the wrist most defendants can only dream about, but his other longterm issue: his daughter’s family support money was also reduced. He had a great day as seemingly all the jurisdictions aligned to clear up most of Hunter’s numerous court cases. 

Lunden Roberts, 32, the mother of Hunter’s long-unacknowledged 4-year-old daughter, agreed to her $20,000 monthly child support payments being slashed after she showed up in person to his deposition in Little Rock, AR last week. 

Hunter, 53, initially denied paternity of Navy Joan Roberts, but a DNA test in 2019 proved he was the child’s father. He applied last year to a Batesville, Ark., court to reduce his child support payments, citing reduced circumstances, but turned heads by flying into town in a friend’s private jet.

News of the settlement came on the same day federal prosecutors in Delaware said Hunter had agreed to plead guilty to federal tax charges as part of a deal with the Justice Department that will likely keep him out of jail.

As part of the deal, Hunter Biden will plead guilty to misdemeanor counts of willful failure to pay federal income tax for 2017 and 2018, as well as enter a pre-trial diversion on a felony gun possession charge. 

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