Putin Declares War – Biden does what exactly?

How it started

How it’s going

Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine — including attacking the capital, Kyiv — in an overnight barrage that was swift, broad and ruthless. Putin, in a special emergency broadcast to the Russian people, officially announced a ‘special military operation’ of Russian forces in Ukraine, calling for the ‘denazification’ and ‘demilitarization of Ukraine. The broadcast was a declaration of war.

Explosions are already being recorded in Kramatorsk and landings on a strategic island, Snake Island, close to Romania have taken place. At the beginning of the hostilities Putin claimed it was about giving two regions of Ukraine their sovereignty. But sensing zero political will to fight him he has begun attacks on Kiev, the Ukrainian capital.

Russian forces have crossed the Ukrainian border by land, air and sea from Russia, Belarus and Crimea. Yahoo

  • Bombardments rained down on cities across Ukraine and a ground offensive was launched in the east.
  • The Russian military said it was targeting military installations and air bases, but dozens of civilian casualties have been reported and images on social media show thousands of Ukrainians attempting to flee.
  • Ukraine’s emergency services reported that attacks were launched against 10 regions, including Kyiv, according to the New York Times. U.S. officials believe Russia is targeting airports in an attempt to secure the skies for a large-scale ground invasion.
  • A CNN reporter live on air captured Russian airborne forces taking control of Antonov airport, located near Kyiv.
  • Ukraine’s government has imposed martial law and ordered citizens to take shelter.

As Biden’s lame threat of sweeping sanctions didn’t deter Russia’s attack on Ukraine, U.S. Treasury Department officials and their counterparts in Europe now face the task of carrying through on their vow to make Russia’s economy and its elites pay a price. Sadly, we all know who is paying for this war. By importing Russian energy instead of using our own we are directly funding Putin’s crazed schemes. We are Germany. We are spineless. We do not have to send in troops. We just have to starve him of oil and gas money.

Meanwhile, in The White House