Propping up the Big Guy may not be enough

AF Branco: Crooked Mountain

There are calls from within the Democrat party that suggest Joe Biden can no longer continue to be propped up by his liberal allies in the Deep State, media and Big Tech. His stance on several issues is at odds with the new generation of progressives seeking a central command economy, forgiveness of student debt, universal single payer healthcare and especially, the obliteration of Jews from Palestine called for by “From the River to the Sea” Hamas supporters.

Currently, Donald Trump leads Biden in many polls. This is scaring the Democrats and they are aware that Sleepy Joe could not withstand a head on confrontation with the man. So, they are looking for alternatives.

Which brings us to consider this word salad gibberish from Michelle Obama, who looks remarkably composed for someone who is so terrified she can’t sleep at night. She is blathering about the importance of “democracy” and “the government doing everything for us” – without making a single sensible point but fanning the fears of her followers about the future of the country.

There is speculation that Michelle Obama will be the face of the fourth Obama presidency – possibly replacing Joe Biden on the ballot through a last minute switcheroo at the Democrat Convention in August in Chicago. A short, sharp campaign as an antidote to Donald Trump could generate a knee-jerk response from the Democrats that might just see her into the White House.

Then who will need propping up?