Presidential Candidate Scrambles to Explain Super Bowl Incident

Last night during the Super Bowl, this commercial was run by a Super PAC raising money for the Kennedy campaign. It is a retro re-make of a 1960s commercial for his uncle’s run at the White House which relies heavily on family name recognition. . 

After the commercial aired, RFK took to X to say this. 

It is true that Super PACs are not allowed to liaise with candidates they support, but Robert F. Kennedy is being disingenuous when he says that this is a surprise. He has had the video “pinned” to the top of his X feed.

The family were pissed

We all know that in reality the Kennedy/Shriver family would whoop with joy at the prospect of another crack at the White House. They would race to join forces behind RFK if they thought he had a chance, and would their Democrat friends under the nearest bus. They believe that the natural order of life means a return to the Kennedy Camelot. But this time they just tried to look relevant – by whining. 

The original