Obama channeling his inner Trump is as funny as it’s pathetic

“Playing the Middle” – A.F. Branco

Remember when President Trump was roasted and accused of sidestepping questions or refusing to condemn white supremacy after the white nationalist rally/riot in Charlottesville, VA in 2017?

A few days after the rally, Trump was asked by reporters about the protests, to which he responded that there were “very fine people on both sides” implying that not all protestors were bad but condemning  white supremacists and neo-Nazis equally.

Cue liberal bed-wetting and pearl clutching! How could he?

Biden based his campaign around it!

Bet BHO gets a pass…

To anyone with any sense of history this is an Obama-era anti-Israel boil that’s finally burst. His administration empowered Iran, the world’s premier exporter of terrorism, Holocaust denial, and chaos, all the while telling the American people he was merely trying to stop Teheran from getting a nuclear bomb.

Billions of dollars and thousands of dead later, we can all see how well this idea is working. He delivered a parting gift to the region, ending his final term as president by reversing four decades of American bipartisan support of Israel and abstaining from a U.N. vote condemning Israeli settlements, while funneling $400 million in annual payments to the despotic Palestinian Authority, which then promptly used this money to fund its Hamas pay-for-slay program, doling out large cash payments to any Palestinian who murdered Jews.(Newsweek)

Biden then made it worse. The brutal Hamas attack occurred just weeks after the Biden administration authorized $6 billion to the group’s biggest backer: yep, that’s right, Iran in exchange for – seriously? – hostages.

Now Obama the puppeteer is trying to pull off an Elder Statesman look. It’s only fooling indoctrinated students, his Muslim voting bloc, and a few suburban Karens who are going to freak out when their children are called up for the next conflict.