Kevin learns the hard way that promises made should be promises kept

AF Branco – Vacated

Kevin McCarthy will not run for speaker again after the House ousted him from the top leadership post in a historic vote on Tuesday. The ousting is a first in U.S. history, forced by a small cadre of conservatives who had only voted McCarthy to the Speaker’s post back in January after 15 rounds of voting on the understanding he would implement a number of items in the House. Notably a January hold-out, Majorie Taylor Greene did not vote against Kevin McCarthy this time.

The demands included:

A separate vote on the 12 different appropriation bills—from agriculture to defense spending to transportation—not bundled together into an end-of-year omnibus spending bill.

A cap to discretionary spending at the levels they were at the beginning of the Biden Administration for both defense and domestic spending, as part of a commitment to balance the federal budget within 10 years.
To create a subcommittee on the “Weaponization of the Federal Government,” which would be tasked with probing the federal government’s information collection on private individuals as well as its ongoing criminal investigations.

To reinstitute the Holman rule, a law that allows for the reduction in government officials’ salaries and any other compensation paid by the U.S. Treasury.

To lower the number GOP conference members needed to start a process of removing the speaker, known as a “motion to vacate,” from five to one. This was the trigger Matt Gaetz used yesterday.

To keep the Congressional Leadership Fund—a McCarthy affiliated super PAC—out of open House primary races for seats considered safe, and to appoint far-right House Freedom Caucus members to seats on the House Rules Committee.

To give House members 72 hours to review bills before they come to the floor.

To require a vote to raise the federal debt limit.

To hold votes on congressional term limits.

To create a border security plan.


Whether or not you we agree with the power wielded by eight Republicans who stood with the “enemy” Democrats the fact remains, McCarthy was not doing these things. In fact, many suggest he was there to work for Pelosi by protecting Biden from impeachment, never releasing the January 6th tapes, failing to protect the Border, to run cover for Hunter, to keep the money flowing to Ukraine (see his pin and handkerchief? Not the American flag on his lapel), and allow everybody to bite away at Trump. It is believed that some movement toward fulfilling his promises would have headed off Gaetz’s attack.

Mad at the Dems

It is interesting that the Speaker pro tempore, Patrick McHenry immediately issued a one day notice to vacate to Nancy Pelosi while she was out of town at Dianne Feinstein’s funeral. She had never quit the speaker’s office and McCarthy had never forced her. The GOP leadership is pissed at her because she had previously agreed the Dems would not vote with the Republicans to oust McCarthy. McHenry is taking it badly as anyone who saw him bang the gavel yesterday can attest!

He then did the same with Steny Hoyer, a twice former House Majority Leader.

Mr. McHenry, 47, was elected to Congress in 2004 at age 29. He was previously chief deputy whip to former Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, who once predicted that Mr. McHenry would one day become speaker. Although at the moment many eyes are on Byron Donalds  from Florida. And as the Speaker does not have to be a member of Congress, some are suggesting Donald Trump – who is somewhat busy right now campaigning and fighting court cases.