Jill sneezes – pass the mail-in ballots

You may have heard that Dr. Jill Biden just tested positive for Covid. Again. She’s been vaccinated twice, has received two boosters and has twice had the mild disease that presents with less than a 1% chance of fatality. At the same time, Whoopi Goldberg failed to turn up for her TV show citing infection.

What a “coincidence” that two of the most high profile women in America test positive for Covid at exactly the same time. Joe Biden instantly announced he’ll be wearing a mask again. And mask mandates started popping up in blue cities.

Some coincidence.

AF Branco – Doctor, Heal Thyself

If this vaccine isn’t an exercise in medical futility, we don’t know what is. Can you imagine people taking the polio vaccine and saying “But it reduced the severity, I only lost the use of one leg”? This gene therapy is no vaccine. It is stuffed full of chemicals we hardly understand. The promise that its ingredients would not pass through the blood/brain barrier, or accumulate in our organs, have proved be a lie. With a new “strain” (a less dangerous version of the original in layman’s terms) Big Pharma and the revolving door from the executive branch know they will receive a huge return on investment as they push their wares with government support.

But the real threat from the new outbreak – heavily signaled by Jill and Whoopi and the media fanfare – is that this comes at just the right time for the run up to the 2024 presidential election. Fears will be fanned and the left will call for mail-in ballots to “protect the vulnerable”. And yet another election will produce suspicious results, and the seed of doubt will linger over the outcome.

But we all know that the vaccine works, right?