James Woods Speaks Out: I’ve Been A Target Of The Dems For 6 Years

James Woods has threatened to sue Democrats for censoring him. He claimed that the censorship has damaged his career and reputation.

In 2020, before the November election, Woods tweeted a photo featuring Crackhead Hunter Biden half-naked and doing drugs. The photo was obtained from Hunter’s laptop whose contents were exposed by the New York Post. The post was considered politically relevant as the younger Biden was partaking in activities that were targeted by then-Senator Brain-Dead Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill, which some scholars allege resulted in mass incarceration across the United States.

Twitter removed the tweet at the request of the Democratic National Committee (Democratic National Committee), according to internal communication exposed on Friday.

“How would you like to fund a class action suit for those who were suppressed?” Wood asked Elon Musk. “I’ll be happy to be lead plaintiff.”