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Border Town Blames Biden for This

Illegal immigrants have started fires on the Texas ranch and twice tried to break into [...]

Biden To Hire Private Contractors to Spy on You

“If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” – Ronald [...]

Falls and fractures: Facts and tips that may limit falls

(BPT) – As we age, we begin to learn – sometimes firsthand – how devastating [...]

Why Care About Identity Theft? Here’s why!

This video shows what happens when someone learns the hard way why she should care [...]

3 Social Security Scams & how to avoid them

Scam artists go to great lengths to trick you out of your personal information or [...]

How Iran will counter – and what you must do to protect your personal data

Here’s a warning I shared with my friends on Facebook: Iran has “the world’s 4th [...]

How stupid do you have to be to pull a gun in a Texan church?

Watch these videos carefully. I counted eight people prepared to unholster and shoot this creep. [...]

ATF’s Notorious Gunwalking Scandal

The ATF isn’t all bad. In fact, they had a policy of letting illegal gun [...]

Gun ownership grows, criminal gun use falls

NSSF RELEASES FIREARMS PRODUCTION FIGURES More than 17.7 million Modern Sporting Rifles in Private Ownership [...]

Making a preparedness plan for Seniors

FEMA For Seniors is a program that helps senior citizens plan in advanced for a [...]