How stupid do you have to be to pull a gun in a Texan church?

Watch these videos carefully. I counted eight people prepared to unholster and shoot this creep. Play this every time someone tells you that we’d be a safer society if only criminals and the government have guns. 

But seriously, how dumb do you have to be to do this. He was dead in six seconds.

Jesus. Viewer discretion is advised.— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) December 29, 2019

Seeing posts starting to come in that the hero who stopped the Texas church shooter is Jack Wilson, the owner of On Target Shooting Academy.

From ~50ft he drew his weapon under pressure and fired one shot to the terrorist’s swiftly moving head in just 2 seconds.

Hero.— Caleb Hull 🎅🏻🎁 (@CalebJHull) December 30, 2019

This is powerful. The media won’t cover this much. Make it go viral. 

Thanks for the clip @DC_Draino— Derek Utley (@realDerekUtley) December 30, 2019

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