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Oh, Canada. This is tragic and wrong

Watch this beautifully made, highly suggestive and emotional commercial pushing death on TV. Normalizing “assisted” [...]

Euthanasia as a cure for overcrowded hospitals and homelessness

Does this happen here? In a film from Ickonic Media, we hear the heartbreaking stories [...]

The 3 Ps method that saves seniors on Medicare thousands every year

(BPT) – Inflation is putting the squeeze on all Americans, but no one is feeling [...]

Emerging drug ‘Tranq’ leading to amputations

Emerging drug ‘Tranq’ leading to amputations via @YouTube — the deep state exposer [...]

AARP purports to represent seniors 50+, but whom do they really represent?

By Rick Manning           It might surprise people to learn that AARP members sign up to be [...]

Will Hospitals Refuse Medicare in 2026? They Might.

The Medicare trustees issued their annual report last week, which outlines the troubled state of [...]

Find the Cure – Cancer Trial Outcome Stuns!

Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center recently published the results of a trial which [...]

Biden Administration to ‘Transform’ US Food System – What could possibly go wrong?

By Seton Motley We were more than a little concerned when we saw this…. Secretary [...]

Is Monkeypox The Next COVID-19? Or is it “Donkeypox”?

Americans should be aware and vigilant about monkeypox, but shouldn’t anticipate another deadly pandemic, a [...]

Biden all set to hand health security to WHO

The World Health Organization is drafting a global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness that would [...]