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New Bill to Eliminate Social Security Double Tax on Middle Class Seniors

(1/3) I have reintroduced HR 3206, the Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act. This bill assists [...]

‘Shawshank Redemption’ Star Unloads on Media for This

Actor Tim Robbins had some harsh words for the media and his own political party [...]

More Americans Need to Stand Up to the Left’s Insanity, Tucker Carlson Says at Heritage Foundation Gala

UPDATE: When Tucker made this speech last week he was still employed by FOX News.  [...]

Fentanyl, an open border, and teenage deaths

Teen overdose deaths have doubled in three years, an alarming trend amid a historic decline [...]

Will Trump Be Arrested? Legal Expert Weighs In

Former President Donald Trump said over the weekend that he expects to be arrested by [...]

How Government Lost 15 Million Acres of Public Land in the United States

Leave it to the United States Government to lose track of almost three states worth [...]

Chinese Blue Water Navy Expands. US NavSec: Climate ‘Top Priority’

The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) surpassed the US Navy in fleet size sometime around [...]

Is now when the cultural pendulum starts to swing back?

We can trace much of the collapse of civil society here in America back to [...]

Go Woke, Go Broke: Banking Edition

Instead of making sure it didn’t take on more debt then it could handle, Silicon [...]


While there is no definitive, scientific definition of “Generation Z,” or “Zoomers” as they also [...]