Congressman to FBI Head: “Are you protecting the Bidens?”

AF Branco – Blind Ambition

Sparks flew Wednesday as Rep. Matt Gaetz asked FBI Director Christopher Wray whether the bureau is running interference for the first family. 

Gaetz (R-Fla.) opened his questioning during a House Judiciary Committee hearing by reading a WhatsApp message from July 30, 2017, in which Hunter Biden demanded money from a Chinese business associate.

“Sounds like a shakedown, doesn’t it, Director?” Gaetz asked.

When Wray declined to opine, Gaetz lit into him.

“You seem deeply uncurious about it, don’t you? Almost suspiciously uncurious. Are you protecting the Bidens?” the Republican asked in rapid-fire fashion.

“Absolutely not,” Wray countered.

“You won’t answer the question about whether or not that’s a shakedown, and everybody knows why you won’t answer it. Because to the millions of people who will see this, they know it is, and your inability to acknowledge that is deeply revealing about you,” Gaetz answered. NYPost

The differences between the treatment of Presidents Trump and Biden go deep. Both Trump and Biden have been investigated for their handling of classified documents.

Along with Gaetz, Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-Texas) blasted the FBI director Wednesday, drawing a distinction between the FBI’s investigations into former President Donald Trump and its investigations into the Biden family.

 “Here’s what the American people know and believe about the FBI today, sir,” Hunt said to Wray. “If you are a Trump, you will be prosecuted. If you are a Biden, you will be protected.”

“President Trump is facing over 400 years in prison for allegedly being in possession of classified documents he obtained as the Commander in Chief of these United States of America. And meanwhile,” Hunt pointed out, “President Biden is facing no charges for the classified documents he had held as his time as a senator and as a vice president, not the president of these United States of America.”

To drive the point home, Hunt offered “last I checked, he had no legal authority to declassify those documents.”

According to the New York Post, the WhatsApp message shared by Gaetz during Wednesday’s hearing was released by the House Ways and Means Committee last month. The message was part of a conversation between Hunter Biden and Raymond Zhao, CEFC China Energy translator.