Worlds Apart: Nancy in her Ivory Tower with her Network of Gilded Elites

First let’s look at how California is really run. Four wealthy, well-connected families are at the heart of not just the state’s power, but Wall Street’s and Washington’s, too.

And in a great come-together at the over-the-top wedding of a young Getty last weekend (“Ivy wore three looks during the course of the evening” – no, not at her wedding, this was at one of the pre-parties!), Nancy officiated at City Hall and then it was all back to the Getty Mansion for a maskless party of unimaginable opulence. (If you want to throw up a bit look at the Vogue write-up.)

These people have zero notion of life as a middle-class American and no cares at all for the streets of San Francisco which is overflowing with human filth and shattered souls. They cling to their power and use it to feather their nests, provide a safe legacy for their own children and perpetuate the cycle. They are modern Royalists. How long before a Cromwell comes to cut them down to size?

Not everyone was happy!